AI Accessory :DEEP BRETH

Accessories packed with scenery that makes you want to take a deep breath


Two views of nature that will make you want to take a deep breath.
We used AI to combine them and make them into accessories.

Part 4: The theme was early autumn, and we combined dusk and Hypericum androsaemum. The result is an accessory with Japanese style, yet full of exoticism.

A hypericum androsaemum that melts at dusk. There may be many people who don’t know the name “Kobouzutogiri,” but I think many of you may have seen it in bouquets before. Here’s a diagram of the production process of the design.

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Part 3: The theme is summer, and we combined blue skies and sunflowers. We have created accessories that go well with the hot season.

The design depicts a blue sky and floating clouds with sunflower petals and seeds. It’s a mysterious design that has an air of refinement in it that is intense. Here’s a diagram of the production process of the design.

It’s hard to see in the photo because of the light, but in the real thing, you can see a little more green and yellow.

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We are now selling a large size version. This one has a new earring part as well. You can also change to the same design in the earrings. (The orange part has been changed from 1.5cm to 2cm and the design is easier to see)

Part 2: We have the perfect accessory for the rainy season. The design is a combination of hydrangea and water lily leaves.

The colors and textures of the hydrangea emerge from the many water lily leaves floating in the pond.

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Part 1: Accessories made of spring flowers, dandelions and azaleas.

The soothing “dandelion” and the red, white, pink and other colorful “azaleas” were combined using AI to create an accessory.

The radiating petals of the dandelion are expressed with the colors and shapes of the colorful azalea, while retaining a bit of yellow.

It is available at minne. Both piercings and non-hole earrings are available. You can find the sales page here. You can see many pictures of them at this page, so if you are interested in them, please take a look.