AI Accessories Syncocue

[Notice] AI accessory Syncocue has been featured in the January 2021 issue of CREA magazine’s special feature on gifts! Also, it was featured on minne’s special page, “Swaying Accessories that Capture the Eye”! (Feb. 7, 2021)

Syncocue is a word coined to mean deep breathing.

We created the brand Syncocue with the hope that people can stop, take a deep breath, and relax a little without worrying too much in the midst of a world where life is becoming more and more difficult due to the corona crisis.

I used AI to mix and match soothing plants and nature such as the sky and the sea in my designs. (See the illustration below.)

The metal parts are available in silver or gold.

Except for reversible non-hole piercing, you can choose between piercing and non-hole piercing

Now on sale!